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Rockybelt is the creation of passionate inventors who love the outdoors as well as the convenience of our modern digital world. Join our effort to empower the digital outdoors.

Belt is the wearable power and entertainment center transforming the outdoor experience. Back us on Kickstarter now to get your early bird pricing!

Power Your Hikes

Hiking or camping with digital devices becomes a hassle when your batteries die. Rockybelt takes those worries away. With eight times the battery capacity of a smartphone as well as USB and Lightning connectors, Rockybelt can recharge just about any digital device you bring with you.



Rock and Stroll


Rockybelt surrounds you with sound no matter where you go. Use Bluetooth, a data cable or an audio cable to connect your smartphone and the Rockybelt’s built-in stereo speakers will let you rock on the beach or on the trail.

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Safe and Sound

Rockybelt goes beyond convenience to enhance the comfort and safety of your hikes. The belt provides additional support for your back while you’re walking. Built-in lamps will light the way on night time trails. And the speakers will play sounds you can’t hear — but repel mosquitoes instantly.


Our Kickstarter has even more details about Rockybelt’s many features!


Busking Everywhere

Rockybelt will have an optional upgrade for musicians who need a personal, portable sound system. A pre-amp and premium speakers let you connect any electric instrument you can carry. Whether you’re busking your way cross country or sitting at the campfire, Rockybelt lets your music play.


Our Kickstarter has even more details about Rockybelt’s many features!


Rockybelt is an innovative and customizable power platform which is able to power-up many add-on features to make your outdoor experience safer and more fun. We are planning Rockybelt-to-Rockybelt radios, GPS receivers, and more.

But we need your help to make this happen.




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